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this test has some downright confusing english but it seems to be more or less accurate if you can figure out the questions and answer them right

Real Age: 19
Mental Age: 23

real age: 16
mental age: 21

real age: 20

mental age: 29

Very Mature

Real age: 16

Mental Age: 27

real age: 18

mental age: 38

real age: 18

mental age: 31

Real age: 16
Mental age:30

real age: 14

Mental age: 50

Real age 19
Mental age 36

Real age: 19
Mental age: FORTY!


Real age: 26
Mental age: 28


Real Age: 20

Mental Age: 26

I can take that. <3

Real Age: 19
Mental Age: 34

Real age: 22
Mental age: 31

real age: 25
mental age: 29

I feel that.

real age: 33
Mental age: 37

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    I don’t really know how to feel about this. (I’m 17 in case you’re too lazy to do the math. I know I would be.)
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