I use this tumblr mostly for fannish notions and other things that catch my fancy. Things you can expect to see a lot of from me: Once Upon a Time, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Books, Doctor Who, Disney, Anne of Green Gables, Sherlock, Cute Animals, Gilmore Girls, Parks and Recreation, Community, Welcome to Sanditon and Harry Potter. I will always tag posts with "Spoilers" for the first 48 hours after a new episode of a show has aired.

I also run Darceny.com (a P&P/LBD discussion group) and write articles on many of my favourite shows for manyatruenerd.com.

I'm always happy to get to know new people so please feel free to use my ask box to introduce yourself or find out more about me.


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4. Animal

I just answered this one here but I also quite like bunnies. Because they are cute. 

7. OTP

WHY? WHY would you make me choose? There are too many. My OTP for LBD is obviously Dizzie (although I’m a big Jing fan too!). On Doctor Who my OTP is Ten/Rose and on Gilmore Girls it’s Luke/Lorelai!

9. Thing to Do 

Aside from internet? I like to read, write stories (fic and original), knit, cook, watch movies and tv. 

13. Accent 


17. Book

I said “Anne of Green Gables” in response to this earlier, which is my all time fav, but in the interest of variety I will share another of my favourites with you. A YA Book called “Awake and Dreaming” which is written by a Canadian Author called Kit Pearson. It’s about a little girl who has a tough life and basically wishes  herself into a big family and then suddenly wakes up there. It’s pretty great. 

28. Country

I’ll be patriotic. Canada! ;)