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4. Animal

I didn’t used to like cats that much - mostly I think because my mum hates them and is allergic so growing up I had a bit of a bias to them from that. But then in London I lived with a flatmate who had two cats and I have completely been converted. I miss regular cat cuddles and purring and such. Cats are great.

10. Quote

Hmm I already used my favourite quote in my response to leuchtturm earlier  so I’ll give you another one of my favourite quotes, this time from Gilmore Girls: “Like, eating the paste special?” (I quote that a lot!) 

15. Clothing Store

I answered this one earlier as well but I also really love H&M. Especially when buying kids clothes. They have great deals and some really cute things. 

19. Actor

This is tough. I have a lot of favourites so it’s hard to pick just one. I do really love Robert Carlisle who plays Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold on Once Upon a Time. I think he plays his role masterfully and with amazing depth and I enjoy watching him whether he’s being evil or being pathetic or crafty or whatever it is. He’s talented and he’s made me love his character even though I hate a lot of what his character has done. 

27. Smell

The smell of fresh baked bread is pretty hard to beat.