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Responses to Jay Bushman

So Jay Bushman opened his askbox the other day and answered a ton of questions about all manner of LBD and Saniton things but two of those things jumped out at me that I wanted to respond to. 

"Darcy said that he had watched Lizzie’s Videos. Had he been watching them as they were uploaded, or only watched all of them after he got her phone call?"

I’m not sure.  I’d guess each writer might have a different answer. And Daniel might have a different one too.  

For my part, I imagine Darcy sitting in a meeting, trying to ignore his phone, knowing that there’s a new video, unable to shut up the boring droning suit going on and on about whatever, trying to invent some excuse to leave the conference room and go somewhere private for five minutes and watch.  But you don’t get to be William Darcy without being able to exercise self-discipline.  And so he waits until the meeting is over. He even waits an extra 10 minutes, answering emails, just to prove to himself that he can. Until it’s too much, and he has to click over to her channel.  William Darcy, slave to his passions.

There’s so much about this response that I love. For starters, I am 100% on board with this head-canon of Jay’s. I love everything about it, because it paints such a clear picture of who Darcy is. He’s trying to be professional, he’s trying to be proper and disciplined the way he was brought up, and yet underneath it all he’s like a giddy child who can’t wait to see her again even if it’s only in video form. I love the idea of Darcy as a passionate person who doesn’t know how to show that and still be “proper”. I’d never really quite thought about Darcy in this way until now, but I adore this idea. There’s so my potential for internal conflict there, and for growth and evolution. It’s all a part of this journey that he’s been on as he falls in love with Lizzie, is rejected by Lizzie, learns from Lizzie and eventually reaches out to Lizzie. 

The other aspect I love about this though, is the first part of Jay’s response where he says that each writer might have a different answer, and that Daniel might too. Because one of my most favourite things about storytelling is the way that people can access and interpret a story in different ways. Especially when they’re given material that is open ended the way that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries often is. I love that there can be many different extrapolations from the same thing, and I love how transformative that can be and what it can do to the imagination. As much as I love Jay’s head-canon and embrace it, I love the idea that there are other versions out there, that people can take what they personally relate to or understand about Darcy and make it into something that’s meaningful to them. That is the magic and gift of good storytelling. 


"Why/how the team decided that Darcy shouldn’t be in the last episode." 

— Asked by Anonymous

I think it was decided pretty early on, and I don’t remember there being much debate about it.  I’m sure each of us would describe a little bit differently, but here’s my take on it: this show is primarily about Lizzie and her relationships with the world around her.  And that since we spent the first 59 episodes on her relationships with people other than Darcy, it would feel pretty lousy if the show ended with her only focused on him without any recognition of all the other people in her life who are so important — and all the other relationships that make our version of this story different than all the others.

On Monday, when I first saw Daniel’s tweet that Episode 99 was his last, I was gutted. My immediate reaction was that I wasn’t ready to not see him anymore and that we’d only had him back for 2 episodes and an adorable Q&A  (I am not counting the torso in 97) and that wasn’t enough time to see him and Lizzie happy together. But upon reflection, I realized a few things. 

1) As much as I would happily consume many, many more minutes of footage of Darcy and Lizzie being adorable and in love, and yes, kissing, I am satisfied with their arch. They’ve talked about the things that I needed them to talk about. They kissed. They’re over they’re awkwardness and in a relationship and very happy. They’re going to be together in San Francisco, but like Jane, Lizzie is going to be doing her own thing. She’s not going to be only defined but her relationship with Darcy, and he supports and appreciates that. 

2) The show isn’t about Darcy. Yes, he’s definitely a strong presence in the story from day 1, but the show isn’t about him. It’s about Lizzie. It’s about the people she cares about. And as much as she’s clearly in love with Darcy, her list goes beyond him. Before ending her videos, Lizzie needs to have closure with the people in her life that have been with her from the beginning. Not closure in the sense that she’ll never see them again, obviously she’s going to be seeing her best friend and her sister often and frequently, but closure in the sense that they’ve been on this journey with her for an entire year of her life. They’ve been through ups and downs together. They’ve learned about themselves and each other and they’ve grown closer because of it. It would be imbalanced not to come back to that. It would be poor storytelling to turn the ending only into the Dizzie show. Because at it’s heart, this is a story about a girl, and her relationships with those around her. It’s a story where the first 25+ episodes featured no other characters beyond Jane, Lydia, Charlotte and Lizzie. So, as much as I adore Darcy and I am head over heels for Dizzie, to end with them would not do justice to Lizzie’s story, to the stories of those closest to her, or to the brilliant storytelling we’ve been lucky enough to be subjected to for the last year. 

So essentially, while I’m sad that we won’t get to see Lizzie and Darcy together more, I’m okay with the focus shifting away from them. I’m looking forward to seeing Lydia again, (need more closure on her story than we’ve received thus far), I’m looking forward to learning Lizzie’s exact reasoning for stopping the video and I’m excited to see how this story ends. 

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