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My back to teaching clothing haul!

My classroom when I left today . Still lots of finishing touches to do. Still missing furniture. (Waiting for another shelf!

Attempted #becketthair today. Mission not quite a success :(

Forgot to post yesterday’s after pics. These also count as today’s before pics

Putting my new car to work. (Aka this is all the crap I have for my classroom)

Progress. Not bad for four and a half hours work.

Today I start transforming this empty room into a classroom!!




Like Mother, Like Daughter

This is the kind of wife & daughter I want.

So cute.

Before and after side by side

imaginarycircus replied to your photo: “After the haircut”:
They trimmed you worried expression right off! And you look lovely before and after. <3

HA! Those are both after shots actually. The first one was while I was walking home and the sun was offending my eyes. The second one is in the mirror at home. The before shots are here: http://thelorelaisquared.tumblr.com/post/95579881054/getting-my-hair-cut-in-an-hour-heres-a-before

Basically it’s trimmed and there are layers. It’s a lot lighter feeling now.

After the haircut

Getting my hair cut in an hour. Here’s a before shot from two different angles. (One is in the mirror)




best photobomb ever


Kermit the Frog Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

Car Advice

So I’m starting a new job next week that requires me to commute further than I have been and so I’m in need of a car. I’m currently shopping around for a secondhand vehicle but I need some advice and opinions. 

Originally I was thinking I definitley wanted either Toyota or Honda because I know they are reliable and last a long time, but the ones I can find in my price range that are not rebuilds (I’ve been told to stay away from those) are all about 2006-2008 models, so approaching on 10 years old. Someone told me to check out the Hyundai Elantra as well since it’s apparently comparable to the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic, but is a bit cheaper. I’ve done my research online and it gets basically the same gas milage and the same safety ratings and such. 

So anyway, I’ve found a 2010 Elantra that’s going for the same price as a lot of these 2006 toyota corollas and honda civics. It only has 62,000 KM on it (about 35,000 miles) which is lower than the corollas and civics I’ve found. It’s also only 4 years old. So which is better? Known reliability and older with a bit more milage? Or newer and lower milage but a bit less known (to me) reliability? 

Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions? Does anyone drive an Elantra?